USP4 deubiquitinates PTP4A3. 4 / 4
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"Specifically, up-regulated USP4 potentiated the growth and invasion of colorectal cancer though deubiquitination and stabilization of PRL-3.19 In addition, USP4 transduced Akt activation to TGF-beta signalling by deubiquitinating and stabilizing TGF-beta type I receptor, thus augmented breast cancer cell invasion and migration.33 These studies demonstrate USP4 as a powerful tumour promoter and an important determinant for canonical oncogenic signalling."

"Mechanistically, we observed that USP4 interacted with and stabilized PRL-3 via deubiquitination."

"Deubiquitinating PRL-3 by USP4 leads to AKT activation and E-cadherin reduction in colorectal cancer, where an elevated level of USP4 is associated with tumor size, differentiation, distant metastasis, and poor survival."