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Mutated TP53 decreases the amount of TP53. 5 / 5
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"Mutant p53 proteins usually causes the accumulation of p53 protein at a very high levels, and the mutant p53 protein itself can inhibit normal p53 protein levels [XREF_BIBR]."
"Also, overexpression of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) protein and mutation of the TP53 tumour suppressor gene with or without overexpression of the p53 protein are some of the genetic features of paediatric HGGs [XREF_BIBR - XREF_BIBR]."
"However, TP53 mutants have been shown to suppress the expression of wild-type p53 targeting p21 which functions as a vital cell cycle inhibitor and causes alteration in the Cyclin and CDK complex."
"Moreover, the mutant p53 protein itself can inhibit normal p53 protein levels."
"L2DTL overexpression is associated with enhanced metastatic potential of HCC, and contributes synergistically with p53 mutation, which leads to the loss of p53 governed checkpoints, toward advanced HCC with poor prognosis."