USP4 decreases the amount of CDH1. 3 / 3
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"In line with previous studies, we also showed that USP4 promoted melanoma metastasis by suppressing E-cadherin expression and increasing N-cadherin expression, indicating the ubiquitous existence of the crosstalk between USP4 and EMT in different kinds of cancer."

"Importantly, depressed expression of USP4 inhibited TβRI expression and partially reversed EMT stimulated by TGF-β1.In the meantime, blunted phosphorylation of Akt promoted the E-cadherin expression, and inhibited α-SMA and Vimentin expression in response to TGF-β1."

"We found that knockdown of both USP4 and beta-catenin downregulated the expression of ZEB1 and thereby increased the level of E-cadherin, indicating that the USP4 and beta-catenin axis is required for the EMT process and involves the regulation of ZEB1."