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GST binds TP53 and MDM2. 6 / 6
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"As was observed using the cell extracts ( xref ), TAFII250 stimulated the interaction between wild-type p53 and GST-Mdm2 in pull-down experiments ( xref )."
"The amount of p53 bound to GST-MDM2 was also enhanced by the addition of PA28γ in an in vitro pull-down assay ( xref )."
"Thus starting with the wild-type p53 12mer sequence, affinity was increased by >1700-fold and the optimised peptide (Fig.  xref ) inhibited full-length p53 binding to GST-HDM2 with an IC 50 of 5 nM (García-Echeverría et al., xref )."
"Confirming this hypothesis, addition of specific HDM2 inhibitor nutlin xref disrupted the interaction between p53 and GST-HDM2, but did not influence the binding of LZAP to p53 in the same reaction ( xref )."
"Phage particles displaying p53 interacted with GST-MDM2 immobilized on 96-well plates, and the interaction was inhibited by nutlin 3."
"These combined modifications resulted in a peptide that inhibited binding of p53 to HDM2-GST with IC 50 = 5 nM for representing a 1700-fold improvement in overall binding affinity."