COPS6 inhibits UBR5. 4 / 4
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"Next , western blot analysis demonstrated that CSN6 increased CDK9 expression and decreased UBR5 expression in a dose-dependent manner in 293FT cells ( Fig. 5B ) ."

"In addition, our study described a novel CSN6 interacting E3 ligase UBR5, which was negatively regulated by CSN6 and could regulate the ubiquitination and degradation of CDK9 in melanoma cells."

"This study demonstrated that UBR5, a novel E3 ubiquitin ligase interacting with CSN6, was negatively regulated by CSN6 and was responsible for CDK9 ubiquitination and degradation in melanoma cells."

"Indeed, we revealed that CSN6 reduces the stability of UBR5 by regulating the ubiquitin mediated degradation of UBR5, furtherly stabilizing CDK9 expression, suggesting that UBR5 may be a downstream factor of CSN6 in melanoma cells."