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"Fig. 7 E and F showed that KMUP-1 restored p-eNOS at day 28 and KMUP-1S increased p-eNOS at day-7 and at day-28, but Plus and CAM could not restore p-eNOS."

"Plus and CAM group were less effective to restore eNOS."

"VEGF stimulates NO production initially by increasing intracellular Ca 2 + levels and subsequent Ca 2 + -calmodulin dependent activation of eNOS, and later by increasing intracellular eNOS message and[MISSING/INVALID CREDENTIALS: limited to 200 char for Elsevier]"

"Electrons flow from the C-terminal reductase domain of one NOS monomer to the N-terminal oxygenase domain of the other NOS monomer (Siddhanta et al., 1998). The primary mode of enzyme activation is the binding of calcium-bound calmodulin to the N-terminal CaM-binding domain. This facilitates a structure change and the flow of electrons from NADPH through the flavins to the oxygenase domain of the other eNOS monomer"