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TSC1 binds TSC2 and toxB. 2 / 2
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"P. K. xref showed that two linked recessive genes on chromosome arm 3BL conferred resistance to race 3 (produces Ptr ToxC) and race 5 (produces Ptr ToxB) isolates in tetraploid wheat, indicating that the Tsc1 -Ptr ToxC and Tsc2 -Ptr ToxB interactions were not involved."
"The Tsn1 -Ptr ToxA, Tsc2 -Ptr ToxB, and Tsc1 -Ptr ToxC interactions have all been shown to play significant roles in the development of tan spot in common (hexaploid) wheat ( T. aestivum L. ssp. aestivum , 2 n = 6 x = 42, AABBDD genomes) ( xref ; xref )."