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BRAF binds KRAS, NRAS, and PIK3CA. 4 / 4
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"In this study, we aimed to investigate whether there is any correlation between the molecular profile and clinical outcome of pTNM stage I CRCs and whether mutations in KRAS , BRAF , NRAS , and PIK3CA genes are associated with histopathological features in this group of tumors."
"It was widely recognized that mutations in KRAS, BRAF, NRAS, and PIK3CA are significantly associated with a low response rate xref ."
"We optimized a 14-amplicon NGS panel to assess, in a consecutive cohort of 219 patients affected by mCRC, the presence and clinico-pathological associations of mutations in the KRAS, NRAS, BRAF, and PIK3CA genes from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded specimens collected for diagnostics and research at the time of diagnosis."
"Of them, 36 patients did not exhibit mutations and 19 patients had one or more mutations: 16 patients had KRAS mutations (on exon 2: 14 patients and on exon 3-4: 2 patients), 1 NRAS mutation, 2 BRAF mutation and 4 PIK3CA mutations, associated with KRAS mutations in all of them (on exon 2: 3 patients and on exon 3-4: 1 patient)."