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TP53 binds RNF31 and MDM2. 5 / 5
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"For example, it remains to be determined whether RNF31 directly interacts with p53 and/or MDM2 by analyzing potential interactions between purified proteins."
"Owing to a limitation of available antibodies, we needed to further explore interactions between p53, MDM2 and RNF31 using proteins with appropriate Tags for antibody detection and choose to overexpress proteins in HEK293 cells."
"RNF31 associates with the p53/MDM2 complex and increases p53 polyubiquitination in an MDM2-dependent manner."
"Furthermore, RNF31 associated with the p53/MDM2 complex and facilitated p53 polyubiquitination and degradation by stabilizing MDM2, suggesting a molecular mechanism by which RNF31 regulates cell death."
"However, it was also important to confirm interactions between p53, MDM2 and RNF31 in this system, as the known regulation of MDM2 mRNA by p53 could be a confounder when we study the effects on p53 protein stability in a system where MDM2 is derived from the endogenous gene."