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Phosphorylated TP53 decreases the amount of TP53. 3 / 3
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"We show that the C-terminal sequence of PEPD binds to the PRD in p53, which allows PEPD to accomplish two important tasks : (1) to prevent nuclear p53 phosphorylation in its transactivation domain andto reduce free nuclear p53 level, leading to inhibition of p53 trans-activation and trans-suppression activities, and (2) to prevent mitochondrial translocation of nuclear and cytosolic p53 by preventing p53 from binding to MDM2 (Figs."
"The Chk signal transducers induce cell cycle arrest by phosphorylation of two critical effectors : inhibitory phosphorylation of the Cdc25 phosphatase results in CDK inactivation, while the activating phosphorylation of the p53 tumor suppressor stabilizes p53 and increases transcription of p53 target genes, including the cyclin dependent kinase inhibitor p21/CIP1/WAF-1."
"Chronic exposure to BaP induced malignant transformation of cells, in which there were increased levels of mutant p53 (mt-p53) and reduced expression of wild-type p53 (wt-p53) and phosphorylated p53 (p-p53)."