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TP53 binds MDM2 and azu. 4 / 4
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"The occurrence of specific binary interactions of both Azurin and Mdm2 with p53, as investigated more appropriately in their full-length conformation, is ascertained and the corresponding association and dissociation rate constants are measured."
"Moreover, the apparent antagonist action of azurin against Mdm2, with respect of p53 regulation, might suggest the possibility that azurin binds p53 at the same site of Mdm2, preventing in such a way p53 and Mdm2 from association and thus p53 from degradation."
"Bizzarri et al. have previously reported a study on p53-MDM2 and p53-azurin interactions using such an approach xref , xref ."
"Furthermore, SPR analysis of the Azurin-p53-MDM2 ternary interaction, whose occurrence has been proposed by AFS experiments, was performed [ xref ]."