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TP53 binds CDKN1A, BBC3, and MDM2. 4 / 4
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"ChIP assays from HCT116 p21 −/− cells show binding of p53 at CDKN1A , MDM2 , and BBC3 which served as positive controls, but not at the promoters of Survivin , CDC25C , and PLK1 (Figure xref )."
"MDM2 suppression was associated with a marked increase in p53 and p53 effector genes p21 and PUMA transcript levels ( xref )."
"Treatment was associated with P53 stabilization and induction of MDM2, P21, and PUMA expression [ xref ]."
"Consistent with this idea, silencing of Mage-A expression leads to upregulation of several p53-responsive genes in a p53-dependent manner and stimulates by several fold the interaction of p53 with the p21, MDM2, and PUMA promoters."