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EGF decreases the amount of EGFR. 8 / 70
4 | 44
"Consistent with these data, this study demonstrates that systemic administration of EGF prevents aberrant overexpression of EGF-R in the intestine of mice with pneumonia."
"The clonal line secreting high levels of sEGF displayed a 75% reduction in EGFR levels, which was not reduced further by the addition of exogenous EGF, indicating a maximal level of receptor downregulation."
"As can be seen, PMA treatment did indeed lead to inhibition of the loss of EGFR induced by EGF."
"Depletion of EGF and TIMPI in cell culture slowed down cell growth and reduced EGF receptor expression, respectively."
"After 10 min of EGF treatment, EGFR levels dropped 2-fold in cells transfected with the control morpholino (Fig. 6, A and B), whereas cells depleted of Rin1 showed very little receptor loss following EGF stimulation."
"EGF stimulation reduced total EGFR levels."
"As expected, by using western blotting, we observed upregulation of the respective protein (LRIG1) 2 h following EGF treatment, concurrent with gradual disappearance of the respective receptor, ErbB-1 (Figure 1C)."
"Especially, EGFR expression was down-regulated by absence of EGF stimulation and it might be related with expression of Sec61beta protein that was regulated by EGF."
EGF bound to KANK2 decreases the amount of EGFR. 1 / 1
| 1
"In SKOV-3 cells, SIP binds to epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and inhibits EGF induced expression and activation of EGFR as well as cell migration."
Transcriptionally active EGF decreases the amount of EGFR. 1 / 1
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