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Notch increases the amount of TP53. 5 / 5
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"Re-expression of p53 (wt) in p53 (null) cells restored the inhibition of proliferation by activated Notch."
"Chemical inhibition of Notch signaling in both human and mouse keratinocytes did not reduce the expression of p53 at the protein or mRNA level either before or after transduction with the reprogramming factors (XREF_FIG and XREF_SUPPLEMENTARY)."
"Furthermore, Notch activation in neural progenitor cells leads to elevated levels of nuclear p53 and transcriptional upregulation of the target genes Bax and Noxa, and the promotion of apoptotic cell death by Notch activation is completely suppressed by p53 deficiency."
"To further examine the ability of Notch signaling to induce p53 expression, we transduced and sorted AML cells in vitro and found significantly increased levels of p53 protein, along with increased cleaved caspase3 and PARP1 (XREF_FIG)."
"In fact, upregulation of p53 expression by Notch activation, at the level of gene transcription, has also been observed in glioma cells 80, but sustained Notch signalling in this case is important for survival 50."
Transcriptionally active Notch increases the amount of TP53. 1 / 1
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"transient transfection of Notch1 ICN decreased expression of cyclin A (3.5-fold), cyclin D1 (2-fold), cyclin E (4.5-fold), CDK2 (2.8-fold), and the phosphorylated form of retinoblastoma protein (3-fold). Up-regulation of p21(waf/cip1) protein expression was observed in SMMC7721-ICN cells stably expressing active Notch1 but not in SMMC7721-GFP cells, which only express GFP. Furthermore, a 12-fold increase in p53 expression and an increase (4.8-fold) in Jun-NH(2)-terminal kinase activation were induced in SMMC7721-ICN cells compared with SMMC7721-GFP cells."