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Cisplatin increases the amount of SERPINE1. 2 / 2
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"In order to determine the functional targets of ATF2 and c-Jun, we analyzed the agreement of the ATF2/c-Jun promoter binding profile with gene expression using Affymetrix GeneChips. Total RNA of BT474 cells prepared 3 hr following treatment with cisplatin was analyzed. Of 9177 unique genes represented on the Affymetrix U95Av2 oligonucleotide array, 352 genes show significant change by the double criteria that fold change >|2| and p < 0.05. Of these, 143 genes are present on our promoter array (Figure 6). "
"Several of these gene products, including FAS, TRAILR3, PHLDA3, LRDD, and IER3 are previously implicated in the apoptotic death receptor pathway, while others including SESN1, FDXR, PLK3, and DDIT4 are known mediators of reactive oxygen species generation."