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AKT increases the amount of MDM2. 8 / 14
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"The use of DN-Akt and CA-Akt confirmed that Akt modulates the levels of MDM-2, p53, and p63 in RCC cells (XREF_FIG)."
"(2) Inhibition of AKT decreased the phosphorylation level of MDM2, and then increased the protein level of P53 which would accelerate death proceeding of tumor cells."
"As shown on XREF_FIG, activation of AKT signaling by HRG effectively induced MDM2 protein expression, which was completely blocked by rapamycin in both MCF-7 and H1299 cells (XREF_FIG)."
"Interestingly, romidepsin induced p21 involves Akt induced Mdm2 in a p53 independent manner by downregulating Akt and Mdm2 protein levels."
"Interestingly, the protein levels of HDM2 are not increased following H. pylori infection, but rather the levels of its phosphorylation by AKT kinase."
"Inhibition of AKT pathway reduces the cellular levels of p21 and MDM2, which in turns increases the expression of p53, resulting in cell death and cell cycle arrest [XREF_BIBR, XREF_BIBR]."
"Our data suggest that stabilization of MDMX by Akt may be an alternative mechanism by which Akt up-regulates MDM2 protein levels and exerts its oncogenic effects on p53 in tumor cells."
"Blockage of PI3K and Akt downregulated the expression of p-Mdm2 and total Mdm2."
Phosphorylated AKT increases the amount of MDM2. 1 / 1
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"Inhibition of AKT phosphorylation with phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase (LY294002) decreased MDM2 levels concomitantly with upregulation of p53, providing evidence that H. pylori inhibits p53 through the AKT-MDM2 signaling."
Kinase-active AKT increases the amount of MDM2. 1 / 1
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"AKT promotes the nuclear translocation of MDM2, thereby negatively regulating p53-mediated apoptosis"