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AKT activates ESR2. 5 / 5
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"D-Asp induced phosphorylation of ERK and Akt proteins, stimulated expression of PCNA and Aurora B, and enhanced mRNA synthesis and protein expression of P450 aromatase and protein expression of Estrogen Receptor beta (ERbeta)."
"Our gene reporter assays revealed that ERalpha, not ERbeta, was targeted by AKT, resulting in transcriptional potentiation of the full-length Bcl-2 promoter, ultimately leading to increased Bcl-2 protein levels."
"Specifically, the PI3K and Akt pathway is well known to mediate the antitumor activity of ERbeta in several types of cancers."
"Inhibition of both PI3K and Akt signaling via microinjection of selective PI3K and AKt inhibitor into the RVLM was found to inhibit the vasodepressor effects of selective ERbeta activation."
"Recently, we showed that ERbeta is targeted by AKT signaling, as demonstrated by the ability of AKT to potentiate ERbeta transcriptional activity at a consensus ERE promoter."
Kinase-active AKT activates ESR2. 1 / 1
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"Reporter gene assays using pharmacologic and molecular inhibitors of AKT and constitutively active AKT revealed for the first time the ability of AKT to (a) potentiate ERbeta activity and (b) target predominantly the activation function-2 (AF2) domain of the receptor"