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PTEN inhibits AKT1. 4 / 81
2 | 28
"By opposing PI3K signaling, PTEN inhibits the activation of the critical PI3K effector proteins Akt1-3 (also known as protein kinase B or PKB)."
"Exposure of eol-1r cells to imatinib failed to dephosphorylate akt, erk and stat5, although pdgfralpha was effectively inactivated. The forced expression of pten negatively regulated these signal pathways and sensitized eol-1r cells to imatinib."
"On the other hand, AKT1 is negatively regulated by PTEN, a p53 response gene that is inactivated in a variety of cancers XREF_BIBR."
"Phosphatase and tensin homolog (PTEN) negatively regulates downstream protein kinase B signaling, resulting in decreased cellular growth and proliferation."
PTEN inhibits mutated AKT1. 3 / 3
| 3
"The vast majority of cases (69% of pure DCIS and 75% of DCIS adjacent to IBC) harboring PTEN or INPP4B loss of expression, or PIK3CA or AKT1 mutations, displayed pAKT expression, whereas pS6 expression was found in 6% and 21% of pure DCIS and DCIS adjacent to IBC harboring these molecular aberrations."
"Genomic alterations included in the PRESSING panel were investigated as previously reported, XREF_BIBR thus exploring several uncommon anti-EGFR resistance mechanisms beyond RAS and BRAF mutations (ie, HER2 amplification and activating mutations; MET amplification; NTRK/ROS1/ALK/RET rearrangements; PIK3CA exon 20 mutations, PTEN inactivating mutations, AKT1 mutations)."
"In conclusion, here we demonstrate that PTEN and INPP4B loss of expression, PIK3CA hotspot mutations, and AKT1 mutations are found in a subset of pure high-grade DCIS and high-grade DCIS adjacent to IBC, that the prevalence of alterations affecting these genes vary more according to the ER/HER2 subtype of DCIS than to its association with synchronous IBC."
PTEN inhibits AKT1. 1 / 1
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