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MDM2 decreases the amount of CDKN1A. 6 / 26
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"Silencing Mdm2 or Akt1 upregulated p21 expression, whereas Akt1 overexpression downregulated p21 at the promoter and protein levels in p53WT cells."
"Mdm2 has been shown to negatively regulate p21 protein levels in a p53 independent manner, which can account for this increase in the p53-null H1299 line."
"As a confirmation of the effect of Nutlin3A, the data showed that exogenous HDM2 mediated decrease in P53 and P21 expression was partially blocked by Nutlin3A (XREF_FIG)."
"Overexpression of hdm2 resulted in a decrease in the level of p21waf1"
"Next, we tested whether the inhibitors of Wip1 and Mdm2 are increasing p21 and Mdm2 levels in a p53 dependent fashion."
"As expected, inhibition of MDM2 with RG7388 induced p21 WAF1 and CIP1 expression by reactivating p53 in LNCaP cells due to strong inhibition of MDM2 [XREF_BIBR]."
Modified MDM2 decreases the amount of CDKN1A. 2 / 2
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"Conversely, the expression of p53 and p21 was enhanced but was then suppressed by MDM2 overexpression (XREF_FIG)."
"In contrast, overexpression of MDM2 diminished the p21 level in the same cells by shortening the p21 half-life, an effect reversed by MDM2 antisense inhibition."
MDM2 bound to TP53 decreases the amount of CDKN1A. 1 / 1
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"The use of nutlin-3a, the inhibitor of the interaction between p53 and MDM2, stimulated p21 expression, thus preventing ER-stress-mediated effects of diabetic milieu conditions and protecting beta cells from apoptosis."
Modified MDM2-Y489A decreases the amount of CDKN1A. 1 / 1
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"Note that despite the increase in p53 abundance, the levels of p21 were reduced by Mdm2 Y489A expression (XREF_FIG and XREF_SUPPLEMENTARY)."
Transcriptionally active MDM2 decreases the amount of CDKN1A. 1 / 1
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