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MAPK1 phosphorylates CCND1. 2 / 2
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"Purified ERK2 efficiently phosphorylated GST-full-length wild type (WT) cyclin D1 ( xref )."
"This fusion protein retains the MAPK binding site. xref shows that purified ERK2 effectively phosphorylated WT cyclin D1 (lane 2), but not the T286A and ΔD mutants (lanes 3 and 4)."
Kinase-active MAPK1 leads to the phosphorylation of CCND1 on T286. 1 / 1
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"From full text...Phosphorylation of the T286 cyclin D1 residue allows it to be recognized by the nuclear exporter CRM1, which transports it to the cytoplasm where it is rapidly degraded. Glycogen synthase kinase-3 (GSK-3) phosphorylates T286 of cyclin D1, and activation of GSK-3 has been shown to result in cyclin D1 nuclear export and degradation [Diehl et al., [1998]]. Other kinases also phosphorylate cyclin D1 at the T286 position, including p38SAPK2 and ERK2, as reviewed [Alao, [2007]]. Varying forms of cellular stress can trigger cyclin D1 degradation, including ionizing radiation and a variety of genotoxic, osmotic, viral, and oxidative stimuli, as reviewed"