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Kinase-active TGFBR2 increases the amount of SMAD2 bound to SMAD3 and SMAD4. 1 / 1
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"a dimeric Smac/DIABLO molecule is required for binding to BIR2, but not to BIR3, which indicates significant differences in the affinity or mechanism by which Smac/DIABLO binds to these domains Figure 5: Association of IAPs with signalling complexes."
TGFBR2 increases the amount of SMAD2. 1 / 1
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"Noteworthy, the SP cells sustain Bmpr1a (Alk3) and Bmpr2 (BMPRII) expression, and upregulate Alk5 (Tgfbr1) and TbetaRII (Tgfbr2), which lead to increased levels of pSmad2."